Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Journey Just Begun

I figured the best way to begin keeping up this blog on a regular basis was to talk about my journey towards my call. The little things that made me believe that a mission was exactly what God wanted me to do. I'm not going to recollect failed relationships and things like that which were, in many ways, guiding stars, to this point but rather moments where the Holy Ghost personally witnessed to me that God needed me in the mission field.

It definitely began the summer before I came up to BYU. I was thinking of double majoring and was talking pretty candidly with the coordinators of both majors to see if I could work it out. Yet I had not received a confirmation from God that I was trying to do would ultimately lead me in the direction that He wanted me to go. So I made no set plans. Then I went in and spoke with my Bishop one last time before leaving for college. We had a pleasant conversation, as we often did in my interviews and then he stopped for a long moment. I was expecting him to say that we were finished and that I could leave but instead he look me in the eye and said "I feel very prompted to tell you two things." In quiet anticipation I leaned forward in my chair. He went on, "first, I feel I should tell you to finish your education as fast as possible."

I must admit that I was quiet floored. There was the answer to my prayer. You see, if I had gone forward with my double major I would have spent five years on my Bachelors degree instead of four. I knew that this was my answer and so, curiously, I waited to see what else he had to say to me. "Second, I feel strongly that I should tell you that you should seriously consider serving a mission when the time comes." With those words the spirit hit me like a ton of bricks. Well, when the spirits hits me its more like someone has dumped a bucket of ice water all over me. In fact when I feel the spirit very strongly I start to shake, it happens every time I get a blessing which has always been interesting to me.

Anyway, in that moment I knew that I should serve. There would be obstacles on that road towards service, including broken hearts, dashed hopes and shattered spirits but over the years I have always held to that reminder of the spirits telling me that God needed to me gather His children.

One other incident that I will recollect to you, my dear reader, is one that is very dear to my heart. One evening I was sitting in the living room of my dorm doing my homework when "How Great Thou Art" by Selah came on my ipod. I had heard this song numerous times before yet as the words rang from the small electronic device "how great thou art, how great thou art" I knew that what I wanted more than any thing in this world was to share my testimony of this Gospel with anyone who would listen (that is a big reason why I've started both of my blogs). What a better way to praise God then to give up 18 months of my life to serve Him. I think in part I understand how the sons of Mosiah felt for I go out just as they did "that perhaps I might bring [others] to the knowledge of the Lord their God..." and like them I "am desirous that salvation be declared to every creature..." (Mosiah 28:2-3)

I feel so privileged to go to Panama and preach the Gospel of the King to whom I have dedicated my life. He has been preparing me my entire life to contribute to His work and I can think of no better way of showing my devotion to Him. I am grateful for all of you who take the time to read my blogs. May God bless you always, until you read again.

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