Monday, August 25, 2014

Because Tomorrows Another Day

Hola A Todos!

So first I have to aplogize if this email is not as upbeat and some of the last ones. I was thinking about this song recently... as it rained cats and dogs and we tried to find people who wanted to listen to us which were few.. there was a horrible flood up in the moutains by where we live... I will send pictures... but thirty houses were destroyed and 12 people were killed. In no way were we affected but we have investigators whose family members were affected. It reminds us that God is in control and that we never know when it is going to be our time to go. But whats so wonderful is that God has a plan for everyone. And all that He wants for us is so much better than what we want for ourselves.

Also the baptisms of the tiwns might be post poned until further notice. We went and saw them on Saturday and they told us that doent feel prepared to get baptized and that they want more time. Then one of them told a member yesterday at church that they want to wait until December! We are going to go see them this evening to see what we can do and really just listen and figure out while they suddenly changed their minds. I will have to let you all know how that goes next week. Hopefully it will accompanied with pictures of a baptism.

It was also a hard week because no one really wanted any thing. On Saturday night we were walking down the street.. in a neighborhood that we had visited numerous times and the doors just started slamming.... one after another... parents called their kids inside and every thing. My companion and I laughed about it but it was also sad. All I said to my companion was.. well its a good thing we werent going to knock on them anyway.

Carolina Alvares and Celideth Lescano our progressing nicely. They have not come to church so we are not exactly sure when we are going to see their baptisms but we are trying our best to see that we help them gain testimonies so that they will want to come to church.

Here is an interesting story from the week. So on Tuesday, I was sitting on the bus and a lady sat next to me. We started talking and she opened up to me and told that about a year ago her grandson had died suddenly and unexpectly. She told me that he had been scared to death and so I inquired further and she told me that he had been going to the super market with his mom and a dog had gotten out and said dog was known to bite. Well when the little boy saw it he fainted on the spot and they took him to hospital. When they got him there he was already dead. A vessel in his brain had ruptured because of the intense that he had experienced. We talked about the plan of Salvation and I testified to her that she would see her grandson again. That she could be with him again. Unfotunately I was only able to give her a pamphlet before she had to get off but I like to think that maybe some day she will remember that conversation and want to learn more.

We also almost got attacked by a cow.. who did not want to let us cross the road. And a dog almost bit my companion. Thankfully it did not.

From there its pretty much the same old. We are always finding some new people here and there to teach... the challenge is keeping them and getting them to church. I just tell myself that I need to keep going strong. I want to be able to look back without any regrets..  so as the song goes.

Because tomorrows another day... I am not afraid.... so bring on the rain...

Until next week. I love you all so much!
Hna. Wilson

Monday, August 18, 2014

Walking on Sunshine

Hola a Todos!

First of all I want to thank everyone for the birhtday wishes. It was a good birthday even though I did not eat any cake everyone gave me a bunch of chocolate. I asked for Reeses and people delivered which was super nice and I enjoyed them. Also for my birthday we found and taught an 18 year old girl named Celideth. She accepted a fecha and is super positive. We are hoping she will get baptized on the 13th of September.

Its also transfer week this week. President Carmack told me that I will be staying here in Volcan which means I will be ending my mission here. Its amazing how fast the time is gone. I just hoping to see lots of fruits. I will just have to see what God has in store for me. The only thing we do not know is weather I will be getting a new companion or not. We should know tonight.. next week I will let you guys know!

We went to the temple this week. I also got to see Hna. Chavez. All of you know that she is my best friend. I love her like my own sister. It was a great gift from heavenly Father that it worked out that I can see her.

Being at the temple was also an edifying and strengthening experience. We were able to spend all of Friday there and it was just really rejuvenating.

The good news here in Volcan is that we are for sure going to have two baptisms on the 30th of August so mark the date on your calandar. Alison and Alejandra are going to get baptized and even if they are the last baptisms I see as a missionary I have loved teaching them and thank Heavenly Father that He is allowing me the privilege of seeing them enter the waters of baptism. Pictures to come.

Yesterday I guy named Sergio randomly camed to church. We had contacted him on Thursday but I had not thought much of it. Its hard to find him at home because he works all day every day but we are going to try and teach him after church on Sundays. He will progress slowly but we are hoping that he will progress.

Anyway thats basically all I have for you guys and I am out of time. Just know that I love you all so much. I pray for you often. Thank you all for supporting me in all my efforts here in Panama. I know that this is the work of the Lord and that He is at the head.

Hna. Wilson

Monday, August 11, 2014

A Parrot, Patrick, y La Panederia

Hola a Todos!

So I was wracking my brain for the title of this email so there you are.. this week we rescued a parrot from a tree... yesterday we commited Patrick Worthington to be baptized.. I dont know if you remember him from last week... he is a really neat guy and we accepted the fecha you could see in his face the desire to read the Book of Mormon that we left with him. The only problem is we cannot see him during the week because he is studying to be a doctor in DAvid which is two hours away... so he can only be around on Sundays we are going to keep in contact with him by phone and do all we can to get him to come to church on Sunday...

what else happened this week that was exciting... Panederia in English is Bakery and we contacted a guy at the bakery this week... who liked my companion... a lot... and it was really uncomfortable because he tried asking for our number which we did not give him and offered to take us on a tour of Volcan but we said no.. then he said he was going to come to church just for Hna. Hanson.. he didnt come.. my companion was happy.

Our golden girls, Alison and Alejandra are still golden... they are reading and coming to church.. and also want to get baptized on the beach... haha... we will see how that goes... we would like them to get baptized her in Volcan but if they want to get baptized on the bach we are going to make their wishes come true...

We also have tons of people reading the book of Mormon.. if you could include Carolina Alvares in your prayers.. and Felicita Montezuma.... along with Patrick Worthington... Lesbia Sanchez... and Lina Villegas.. they are all fechas that are reading and need extra prayers to keep progressing... we have tons of other investigators right now but they are the ones we are focusing on right now!

This is the last week before transfers... hopefully when I am writing you all next week we will know some thing.. we are also going to the temple this week which I am super excited about... I have not been since January so I am ready to go!

Last P day a guy called asking for a teaching appoitment.. which was neat because that never happens so we are going to try and hunt them out this week..

This is a short email but I am already running out of time! I love you all so much and will try to write a longer email next week! Also I will let you know about transfers even though I believe I will be ending my mission here in Volcan. Only the Lord knows.

Just know that I know that this work is the Lords work.... that He leads it and guides it and we are merely instruments in His hands. I cant belive another birthday is already on the horizon... it feels like just yesterday that I turned 21 not last year. Anyway... eat some cake for me and pray that we find more people who want to be baptized and come ot church... that is the best birthday present you guys cane give me!

Love you all
Hna. Wilson

fotos del servicio

pictures from the serice project... and other things.. Enjoy!

​we had to ride up to the service project in the back of a catlle car!

​We had to carry wood haha

Monday, August 4, 2014

Fear Thou Not... I Am With Thee...

Hola a Todos!

I hope everyone is absolutely great this week.... I hope this email finds you all well.... I cant believe it is already August... where did the year go.. I honestly dont know... but things are good here... if you guys could all remember my companion and her family in your prayers... she lost her grandpa this week and so is having a hard time... just pray for her that she will be okay. 

This is going to be a rather short email because i am already running out of time but I just wanted to share wiht you guys a couple of neat things that happened this week.

We found a lot of positive people this week... on the flip side we also met a lot of people that treated us like if they talked to us for more than five seconds it would bring the 10 plagues of Egypt upon their homes and their famlies... but you know what... I have just learned that everyone has their agency and if they want to accept the gospel its there.. and if not.. well God is going to give them chance after chance after chance... until the end.

Some of the positive people that we found included a guy named Patrick Worthington... which is a very British name.... because his family... well his dads side are from the states and he has family in the states that are members. He practiced talking to us with English and he was really open to the things that we shared with him... we are going to go back this week and invite him to be baptized after we share an extensive version of the Restuation with him so that he feels that spirit and what we are teaching is true.

We also had a really neat experience with a lady named Lesbia... please save the jokes... we know what it looks like... but we had a really awesome lesson with her... we watched part of a movie called together forever and she cried because her mother is sick and might not make it. We testified that it was possible for her to be with her family forever and that it was possible through Jesus Chrsit. WE told her that the first step she should take fi that was desire of her heart was to be baptized by someone who has the authority... she accpeted and we are working with her to be baptized on the 6th os September....

We had a lot of other similar experiences but like I said this was going to be a rather short email because I am already running out of time.... I love you all so much and will have to tell you all these wonderful stories another time. I know the Gospel is true. I know this is Gods work and no unhallowed hand can stop it from progressing.

Until next week! Love you all!
Hna. Wilson