Monday, August 4, 2014

Fear Thou Not... I Am With Thee...

Hola a Todos!

I hope everyone is absolutely great this week.... I hope this email finds you all well.... I cant believe it is already August... where did the year go.. I honestly dont know... but things are good here... if you guys could all remember my companion and her family in your prayers... she lost her grandpa this week and so is having a hard time... just pray for her that she will be okay. 

This is going to be a rather short email because i am already running out of time but I just wanted to share wiht you guys a couple of neat things that happened this week.

We found a lot of positive people this week... on the flip side we also met a lot of people that treated us like if they talked to us for more than five seconds it would bring the 10 plagues of Egypt upon their homes and their famlies... but you know what... I have just learned that everyone has their agency and if they want to accept the gospel its there.. and if not.. well God is going to give them chance after chance after chance... until the end.

Some of the positive people that we found included a guy named Patrick Worthington... which is a very British name.... because his family... well his dads side are from the states and he has family in the states that are members. He practiced talking to us with English and he was really open to the things that we shared with him... we are going to go back this week and invite him to be baptized after we share an extensive version of the Restuation with him so that he feels that spirit and what we are teaching is true.

We also had a really neat experience with a lady named Lesbia... please save the jokes... we know what it looks like... but we had a really awesome lesson with her... we watched part of a movie called together forever and she cried because her mother is sick and might not make it. We testified that it was possible for her to be with her family forever and that it was possible through Jesus Chrsit. WE told her that the first step she should take fi that was desire of her heart was to be baptized by someone who has the authority... she accpeted and we are working with her to be baptized on the 6th os September....

We had a lot of other similar experiences but like I said this was going to be a rather short email because I am already running out of time.... I love you all so much and will have to tell you all these wonderful stories another time. I know the Gospel is true. I know this is Gods work and no unhallowed hand can stop it from progressing.

Until next week! Love you all!
Hna. Wilson

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