Monday, August 11, 2014

A Parrot, Patrick, y La Panederia

Hola a Todos!

So I was wracking my brain for the title of this email so there you are.. this week we rescued a parrot from a tree... yesterday we commited Patrick Worthington to be baptized.. I dont know if you remember him from last week... he is a really neat guy and we accepted the fecha you could see in his face the desire to read the Book of Mormon that we left with him. The only problem is we cannot see him during the week because he is studying to be a doctor in DAvid which is two hours away... so he can only be around on Sundays we are going to keep in contact with him by phone and do all we can to get him to come to church on Sunday...

what else happened this week that was exciting... Panederia in English is Bakery and we contacted a guy at the bakery this week... who liked my companion... a lot... and it was really uncomfortable because he tried asking for our number which we did not give him and offered to take us on a tour of Volcan but we said no.. then he said he was going to come to church just for Hna. Hanson.. he didnt come.. my companion was happy.

Our golden girls, Alison and Alejandra are still golden... they are reading and coming to church.. and also want to get baptized on the beach... haha... we will see how that goes... we would like them to get baptized her in Volcan but if they want to get baptized on the bach we are going to make their wishes come true...

We also have tons of people reading the book of Mormon.. if you could include Carolina Alvares in your prayers.. and Felicita Montezuma.... along with Patrick Worthington... Lesbia Sanchez... and Lina Villegas.. they are all fechas that are reading and need extra prayers to keep progressing... we have tons of other investigators right now but they are the ones we are focusing on right now!

This is the last week before transfers... hopefully when I am writing you all next week we will know some thing.. we are also going to the temple this week which I am super excited about... I have not been since January so I am ready to go!

Last P day a guy called asking for a teaching appoitment.. which was neat because that never happens so we are going to try and hunt them out this week..

This is a short email but I am already running out of time! I love you all so much and will try to write a longer email next week! Also I will let you know about transfers even though I believe I will be ending my mission here in Volcan. Only the Lord knows.

Just know that I know that this work is the Lords work.... that He leads it and guides it and we are merely instruments in His hands. I cant belive another birthday is already on the horizon... it feels like just yesterday that I turned 21 not last year. Anyway... eat some cake for me and pray that we find more people who want to be baptized and come ot church... that is the best birthday present you guys cane give me!

Love you all
Hna. Wilson

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