Monday, July 28, 2014

For Such Is The Kingdom of God

Hola A Todos!

I hope everyone has been great! I am just great this Monday morning... my ears are better.. magically on Thursday I could hear again.. it was a hellelujah moment for me... and I have not fallen recently which puts me in a pretty good mood.

So I have been reflecting a lot lately... there are times when I just dont want to go home and it almost brings me to tears to think that there will come a day when I am not going to be wearing my name tag..  despite those depressing thoughts I am trying to enjoy every moment and talk to everyone! We had another great week this week. We taught tons of lessons and found a bunch of new investigators... the hard part is getting them to come to the church but our golden girls are still golden. Alejandra and Alison came to church BY THEMSELVES this week... and the leaders of the young women told us that they act like they members.... the way they answer questions and participate. Alejandra read five chapters from the Book of Mormon in two days and Alison read two... it just feels so great to have people progressing and when we went and visited the mom told us that Elders had come before but that we were different and I just know its because all this time God has been preparing them and I am just praying that they get baptized with us but if not I know that they will get baptized very very soon.

It was also neat to have a little boy that we are teaching in sacrament meeting. He is seven. So he doesnt quiet make the cut to get baptized but its okay because he loved Church. LOVED it. When we asked him what his favorite part was he told us that he loved it when we sang and prayed. It was just super super cute and we are hoping that he will get his family excited. It reminds me of all the times that Christ talked about how we are to become like little children if we want to enter the kingdom of God. For such is the kingdom of God....

Also this week, we almost got attacked by a dog. It was like a big St. Bernard type dog and it was chained up but it got so rabid when we came by that it brokes it chain and started to run after us.... but there is one small detail... I cant run!  The dirt roads and bummed ankle make it difficult... all I could do was throw rocks and hope that it scared the dog off. The member that was with us... along with one of our golden girls.. they decided to come show us that part of our area because they know people.... went running off which only called the dogs attention more... my poor companion was frozen in place and the other girl was helping me throw rocks... thankfully... just before it got close enough to bite us the owner called it and it went home.. but it has been along time since my adrenaline has been pumping like that... its definitely a story for my children!

Another funny story was when we ate lunch sitting in front of a bar. Two missionaries sitting in front of a bar.. it sounds like the beginning of a bad joke... anyway... it happened because on Thursday we were going to go work with a less active youth... our efforts to try and help get active again right... she was going to come do visits with us and we were hoping that it would help her remember the testimony that she has obviously forgotten or buried somewhere in her soul... but when we got there she told us she couldn't because she had to watch her brothers and sisters or some thing like that... my companion was so mad... I have never seen her so mad as we walked away... so we sat down... on a bench.. in front of a bar and ate the lunch that we had packed for ourselves and for her... and then... not five minutes later.. we saw a guy walked and my companion told me it was the boyfriend of Martiza (the less aactive). Anyway we watch him walk to her house and she comes out and my companion says some thing like... lets go.. how embaressing that we are still here.. and I said... I am not embarrassed... its embarrassing for her because now we know why she didnt want to work with us today....

So it was a pretty great week... my companion was sick on Tuesday so we lost that day of work but as far as number of lessons taught we killed it... over 7'0 lessons and four investigators in church. Its neat.. I can feel the area changing and there are just so many good things happening. This week we had 15 people at our English class and word is spreading that we are teaching an English class so we are hoping to see more and more very week... I will take some good pictures this week and get them sen tout to you guys!

Anyway thats all for now! I love you all so much and now that this work is Gods work!

Until next week!
Hna. Wilson

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