Monday, July 14, 2014

God Just Wanted A Good Laugh

Hola Todos!

I think God just really likes to laugh because my companion... who has been here in Voclan for six months already.... stayed yet another transfer and I was the one who has been transferred to the other side of Volcan.. it was not so much a change one place to another... more a change from living upstairs to living downstairs... my companions name is Hna. Hanson... she is from Arizona... what makes me laugh is that she lived in Bothell when she was younger. just after I left.... and she was in the same ward that I was in and knows all those same people... it really is a small small world.

It has been a good first week together... we had a lot of success and foudna  lot of people... its interesting.... working with a north american companion.. I feel like in some ways I am finding my English speaking self again... but at the same time I become a little worried that I am going to lose my Spanish so I still try to talk with Hna. Rios and her companion as much as humanly possible... and I guess being a Spanish speaking country still will help me keep it up.

Anyway, a couple neats experiences that we had this week include finding Ruben, Juan Carlos and Sepha. They are a family and when we contacted them... they were a reference of a street contact... we shared the First Vision with them. The sprit was so strong and they accepted to be baptized on the 2nd of August but we might have to change the date because they did not come to church yesterday.. if you could remember them in your prayers that would be great. Also Raiza... pronounced like Rice... with an A... she also is on schedule to be baptized but she did not come to church yersterday.. anyway it was a neat experience and it was o ur first day working together.

I also felt a profound sense of gratitude when Sacrament meeting ended and my companion went immediately to ask members when they could work with us this week... it was like.. I dont have to do every thing... or I dont have to be the one that pulls the weight alone.. it was just a deep sense of thanks for my comnpanion... I think its going to be a good change.... 

We also had a neat experience and a neat lessons with the power of members in a lesson... we were walking and I saw this guy doing flips.. which reminded me of Jordan so I asked him if I could take a video of him flipping and so he let us in. Then we started talking to his mom and at the end she said she was Catholic and didnt want us to come back but then we asked the member that was with us to share his testimony about how he come to know that the Church is true.

When he finished and we asked her again if we could come back and teach her she said yes... so we are going to see her tomorrow and we are just hoping that she feels the spirit and wants to keep learning about the Restoried Gospel... 

Anyway, this is going to be kind of a short email because we are going to visit an archaelogical site as a zone and I am out of time to write... but I want yu guys to know how much I love you. that I know that this church is true... that it is Christs Church and he leads this work. I love my Savior and I would not trade my mission and my experiences for any thing in the world... until next week!

All My Love, 
Hna. Wilson

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