Monday, July 21, 2014

I Believe There Are Angels Among Us...

sent down to us from somewhere up above...

Hola Todos!

So this week was a great great week. We taught over 60 lessons and contacted over 150 people... we dropped 5 people with baptisimal dates but picked up 4 and 3 of them came to church. Please if you could remember Alejandra, Alison, Lina and Daniel in your prayers that would be great... they are the investigators we have right now that we are preparing for baptisms at the end of August... they are young so we put the date out a little further and we may move it if we feel we can but we are giving them a little time to really decide for themselves if this is a choice they want to make.

So I will kind of give you a little play by play with what time I have left to talk. We only had a member work with us on Thursday Friday and Saturday.. but it was okay because we had a lot of miracles.

For example, on Tuesday I told my companion I just reallyl wanted to meet someone who was oging to give us a lot of references and the next house we contacted we met two little girls that told us that wanted to show us where their friends lived... for three hours they showed us where their family members and their friends lived so we got tons of references that day which was realy really an answer to a prayer.

Then on Saturday, we prayed that we would be able to find investigators that would come to church on Sunday... and in the last teaching appoitment of the day we found three girls who accepted baptisimal dates and two of them came to church yesterday. Sunday morning we were just begging that God would provide one more person with a baptisimal date to be in church.. just one more... and halfway through Sacrament meeting a guy walked in and sat down and everyone could tell he wasnt a member.. when we talked to him after we found out that a member had met him on a bus and invited him to church and so he had come and he stayed for all three meetings! When we talked to him afterwards he accepted a baptisimal date. His name is Daniel Chavez. Her is 21 and he told us he is looking for the true church. Lets hope that he knows that he comes to know that he has found it.

Apart from that we spent a lot of time talking to different people. I think one of the saddest experiences this week that we had was when we talked to two women that were int hes treet and when we started talking about how the families can be together foever she started to cry. She later told us that her son had been murdered when he came home from work a few weeks ago... by the lover of her daughter in law.... we tried to talk to her about the plan of Salvation and when we sang her... Families Can Be Together Forever... she stopped crying and thanked us... but did not accept another teaching appoitment.. I only hope that some day the missionaries find her and she rmeember that it is only through the Gospel that families can be togehter forever..

We also met a lady this week that told us she did not want us to come back because she said her pastor would not let her participate in her church and I wanted to look at her and say... so you are going to throw away the truth because you are afraid of men... but I didnt.. it was just really sad and we had a lot of experiences like that this week... its so sad that the people just cant understand that what we bring is the truth... a message that will give them true happiness and peace... maybe some day...

Anyway, thats alll I have got for you guys... this week was jam packed wiht experiences but I just dont have time ot share them all. I hope all is well with each and everyone of you. I love you all so much and thinkof you often. I want you guys to know that I know that this church is true... that God loves us and that is why He has give us this Gospel. Keep on keepin on!

All My Love,
Hna. Wilson

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