Monday, May 20, 2013

Little Miracles Every Day

Hola Todos!

First of all I just want you to know how much I love you all and my n key does not always work so bear with me! Paama is so beautiful ad woderful ad I am loving every minute of it. This week I struggled with my compaion a little bit because she really likes to do things her way and so I am learig to yield and prayig all the time for strength and patiece. My Savior is always near ad I can feel him all the time. I see his face in all the people that I teach. I feel His love as I try my hardest to serve my compaion. I am makingn a list of thigns I would do differetly if I could but I know that God asks us to pass through hard things some times. I know it will make me stroger and better and it will help me draw closer to my Savior than I have ever been

How is the Spanish you ask! Oh my gosh you guys I ca speak Spaish! The first night I was here I was talkingn wtih and telling stories to the Sachez Family, a family of members in my area. They remid me of when Presidet Bowler set me apart and told me I would find my Panamanian family. Well I have found them I thik. Or one of them. I know there will be a lot of people that I will find here that I will love with all my heart. I already love so may people already. Anyway, they told me that I do not sound or act like a gringo. They said they canot believe how much I kow. I have become really good at describing what I canot say. For example, I did not know the word for snow adn I wanted to tell them that we have a lot of snow where I am from so I talked to them about how its like rain but its white. My dignity is really out the window when I do that because I make mistakes all the time and some times peoploe laugh at me but I just aught with them because it is funnny. Someone else told me that bet I will have Spaish dow in na month. God is blessig me so much. I learn more every day and when I dont understad I remind myself that eventually I will. 

So when I was coming into Paama and looked out over the country I had this sense of cominng home. I Could have cried. I really feel this is where I need to be right now and I kow God is sustaining me. 

My area is called Nuevo Colon. I have no idea where it is geographically but the heat is not too bad and I love the people so much! I want to talk to everyoe all the time! I have gotten two references without my compaion twice now. Plus we find people every day because I try to just start talking with peopole. These random strangers at a bus stop asked me when I was from ad when I told them I was from the United States they said, but you speak Spaish! I am a shocker to everyoe I guess. Thank you Hermao Solano and Hermao Chavez, you changed my life and helped me learn Spanish. 

My trainers name is Hermana Morales. She is from Peru and is 23. She has been out for four months so I am her first trainee or hija. I think its hard for her because shes never done it before. I am just tryig to serve here and eve though we do not leave the apartment before 1230 almost every day and spend hours and hours at members home I make the most of it. 

There were so many little miracles this week. We visited a 12 year old girl named nani and while we were teaching her she told us that she had not eate any thihng all day. She then ivited us in after the lesson and fed us lunch. I felt so horrible but ate it. As we were leaving and begged God to bless her and her house. We invited her to come with us to teach some less actives and I foud some fruit snacks and some candy. She was happy and I just love her so much. We are going to back later this week to teach her and her grandma again. 

Another miracle and a reason I believe I am here i Panama is an investigator named Clarissa. We brought her to church with us yesterday and on Friday night we had an activity that we brought her two. She has four children and her little 10 year od boy Fernando Josue is also an active part of our lessons. Ayway, at the activity we sat with her by the baptisimal font and talked to her about bamptism. She said she knew she should get baptized because of a dream she had. She said in her dream she saw Jesus Christ, with his arms outstretched. She said the whole world was made of water and that everoene in the world was dressed in white. She said that as they were baptized they were able to go to Christ. The Spirit was so strog and after she shared that I asked her if she watned to be baptized. I bore testimony that we would help her get ready ad more importatly God would help get ready. We also committed her son as well and they are scheduled to be baptized either the 25th or the 31st, I canot remember what my compaion said. I keep hearig different things. 

It is momets like that which remind me why I am here. o matter how hard thigns are with my companion I know that God will use me to make a different and I pray al the time to be that instrumet for him. 

So my first ight here we had this crazy raistorm! We were leavign a less actives home ad it was raiinng like crazy. The water was up to our waists. We decided to seek shelter with the Sachez family and they washed our clothes for us and dried them. It was crazy! I wish I had had my camera. It was a great welcome to Paama though and some thing I will remember it for the rest of my life haha. 

One other thinng. I recited the First Vision last ninght for the first time with Hermaa Jaica. She has three children and has a strong faith. As I did I coud see the she felt what I felt. I testified to her that though I have never seen Jesus Christ or our Father in nHeaven nI know that they live. I know that Joseph Smith saw them and that if we will embrace the Gospel of Jesus Christ we will have mor ejoy than we ever have in our lives. Our families will be strengthened and we will feel the arms of  our Lord adn our God wrapped securely around us as try to do all He has asked us to do. 

Though my trainer never tells me she is proud of me I kow that God is pourd of me. I feel it every time I kneel down pray and beg that God know that I am givig my whole soul to this work. It is not easy but it is the most fulfillig thing I have ever done. I long only to leave this area better than I found it. The Church is true. I love you all. Please write me. I need the love. 

All My Love, 
Hermana Wilsonn

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