Monday, May 27, 2013

Tengo Su Libro...

Alright so for those who do not speak Spanish the title says, I have your book. Yesterday Hermana Morales and I were walkinngn and we saw this guy sitting outside his house and so we walked over to him and itroduced ourselves as missioaries. We invited him to church and we was super ethusiastic as he itroduced himself as Cupertino Morino. We contiued to talk with him ad then out of no where he says. I have your book. Hermana Morales and I were kind of surprised. He then told us that he reads The Book of Mormon and his Bible every morning. I wish we had time to teach him then but we are going to teach him tomorrow and I will keep you posted on how that goes.
This week was crazy. I will start with the difficult ad ed with the good. I am strugglig with Hermana Morales because some times she does things she really should not do. We talked about it a little on FRiday and I thought things were all worked out but obviously not. I have yet to go through the area book with her. I tried to go through it myself but its so out of date that I dont even kow where to start. She said we would go through it i weekly planig but we havent even planned for this week so I dont kow when that will be.

Alright eough ventig. I just do my best to love her and to serve her. She likes my sense of humor and so I just try to make her laugh a lot because it helps me feel better also. She laughs especiay hard whe I repeat words to or three times after she says them. I am just tryig to get them in my brain!
Alright so the living conditios are sufficiet. Our apartmet is one room with a sink and fridge, a shower, the bathroom is sectioed off by wals that do not go all the way up to the cieling. We share our apartmet with a colony of ants and a scorpian which I finally killed today. We are also currently fanless which is fun. I just pray for the ability to edure and I do notice it that much. The showers are cold but I fid that I like them. The other day we came to our apartmet starving and wonderig what we were goig to eat. Hermaa Morales walked over to the fridge and pulled out these sandwiches that a member had given. We had both forgotte they were in nthere. I remember whe she gave them to us I thought, when am I going to eat these, but it was truly a teder mercy to fid them i the fridge.
Alright so I really want to tell you guys about this past Thursday. Because of the lack of obediece I see I often go to bad feelig frustrated because I kow if we are exactly obediet we will see miracles ad while we are experiencing blessings I kow that God has so much more to give us if we will obey with exactness. Some times I feel like a horrible missioary because of it and I pray with all my heart that God sees my willig obedient heart because I want nothing more than to put my heart and soul ito this work and ito these next months of my life here in Panama.
So Thursday we had divisioes or exchanges. I was with the other junior compaion in my area Hermaa Bonilla. I love her so much! Whe I got there she was filling out the area book and she walked me through how to do every thing. We then planed for the day and set a goal to cotact 25 people. I wrote next to it a persoal goal of 40. I was determied to stretch myself. As we planed the next moring we kept tellig each other that we were goig to see miracles that day. We set out and in less than thrity minutes we had contacted 10 people and had 3 addrssses of people that we could go and teach. That afteroo in rained so hard that we lost two hours. I expressed my frustration to Hermana Boiall and so we got dow on our knees and said a prayer that the rain nwould stop. Within five miutes it had let up enough to leave the apartmet. We cotinued to cotact throughout the day. We talked with a cab drivr amed alberto ad got his address and he also gave us ou ride for free. We talked to another guy named Bario and as we were inviting him to church he says, would you like to come teach me and my family at our hourse. Hermaan Bonilla and I just looked at each and then said yes, we would love to. We will teach him o Thursday whe we have splits again. Perhaps the most amazing miracle of the ight was whe we were teaching a recet convert by the ame of Hermana Carmen. We were teadching about the priciples of the Gospel when a guy walked in a sat down. I did ont thik much of it but after th lesson we went up to him and asked him if he knew Hermana Carmen. He said no. He told us that he lived up the street and that had bee goig for a walk when he felt like he needed to come i to Hermana Carmes house. We gave him a Book of Mormon with our testimonies and pohone number in it. We will visit him ext Thursday as wel. His name was Antoni and for me it was a beautiful tender mercy.

OUr last contact of the ight was Daniel. He was walkig his dog just outside his apartmet when we stopped him and started talkinng to him. We invited him to Church and that was whe he told us that he was an Evengelical Christiia ad did not need another Church. Hermana Boilla started telling him how we just wated to help him stregthe his faith in Jesus Christ. I kow now it was the Spirit but what felt like out of no where I looked at him and said, Hermano, I know our message willl change your life. He was silet for a while and then he looked away from us and said he needed to go and left. Hermaa Bonilla just stared at me for a minute and then told me how brave I was. I told her I was just grateful for all that we had experienced that day.

In total that day we cotacted 55 people and recieved 16 addresses to come teach. It truly has been the best day of my mission and I would love the opportunity to work with Hermana Bonilla on a more permanent basis. I am grateful to the Lord for givig me that. I needed a day with someoe, who like me, wated to throw themself ito the work.

This Church is true. I kow it with my whole heart and soul. I love cotacting because I love telling people about th message of the Gospel. I see my SAvior every day as I talk with people and ivite them to change their lives through this Gospel. I love you all all so much. Please pray for me to have patience with my compaion. I need it so desperately. I am tryig my best to be the missioary God wants me to be. I know he understads my situatio and is always mindful of me. Pray always. Study the scriptures every day and never stop seeking the face of God. I love you all so much.

All My Love,
Hermana Wilso

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