Monday, November 4, 2013

Back to Where It All Began

Hola Todos!

So maybe you guys are not going to believe it but I am back in Colon. Its both happy and sad. Happy because I am doing what I always wanted to do... opening an area... they took the elders out of the area that my companion and I are now in and so we are both completely new here... it has it challenges but the members are the best members I have yet to meet in my mission. Since coming here we have worked with members every day.

The area is small... like five streets... President sent me here so that my foot could have a chance to get better but I feel like my time here will be short so I am trying to enjoy. The ward has a personal goal of 170 people in church and right now we are seeing about 120 every week... I am hoping with all my heart that wee can see that number reached in the next six weeks.

So my companion is from Guatemala... again... its my third companion from Guatemala... it makes me laugh... maybe God is trying to tell me some thing about my future haha.. anyway her name is Hna. Romero... she is from San Raymundo.... a municiple of the captial of Guatemala... she is very sweet and I am working hard to love her and adjust to being with someone new. I think that is the hardest thing for me at the moment... getting used to the change. 

So I have to share with you guys that miracles I had yesterday while I was in divisions with a member. We went to visit a less active member named Evelyna who has not been to church for three years. We were talking to her and she told us about a year ago she had a dream that a white sister and her companion came to tell her that she needed to go back to church.  she said that maybe we were an answer to her dream and that it was time fo rher to go back to church. Its hard for her because her husband is not a member but we are going to be doing familiy home evenings with her every Friday to help strengthen her family. 

The other miracle that I saw was the with the same member and we went to visit a less active named Ana Maria... she offered the closing prayer and in the prayer she told God that she knew He had sent us to her to reactivate her and help her return to Church and she asked for the strength to do the things she she needs to do to come back. She also has a lot of opposition from her husband who is not a member but we will visit her this week and see what we can do to help her. 

Alright.... attached is a picture of my new companion first and second a picture of Hna. Chavez and I... I miss her so much but know that at some point in our missios we will be together again. 

Until next week. I love you all so much. I know this work is the work of the Lord. 

Hna. Wilson

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