Monday, August 5, 2013

And Bless That Hna Wilson Will Not Leave the Area..

Hola Todos!

Okay so the title is kind of an amusing story.. yesterday we had dinner with the members that we have dinner with every Sunday evening and we were talking about how we did not want to have cambios this week... we shared a brief message about having charity and the 11 year old daughter offered the closing prayer and in it she asked God that I stay in the area for six more weeks.. it was sweet.. anyway.. on to what happened this week..

If I had to describe this week in one word I would have to say sad.. there were a lot of hard things that happened this week but I know that the Lord was with us.. the two hardest things were first going to visit Hno. Dixon on Wednesday.. our fecha that we were more sure about... when we got there we could here him talking to his daughter inside and so we called out a greeting to him and the next thing we know all the lights are off and the doors are closed... we are not sure what happened to be honest... he had some hang ups about Church but he told us to come by that day to talk to him about them... we left a note and went by a second time later in the week but he either was not home or did not want to talk to us... we have also tried to call him and he has not answered our phone calls so we are slowly coming to terms with the fact that as of right now we will probably not continue to teach him.. 

The other difficult thing that happened this week was when we taught Hno. Tuñon... we went to the lesson already down because of what happened with Hno. Dixon earliar that day... we were both hoping for a good spiritual lesson and really we got the opposite... the biggest problem was that he didnt even want to look at me because he had some issue with gringos that we ddi not discover unti he refused to answer my questions in the lesson.. then later when Hna Chavez was sharing her testimony he told us that if we were goin gto testify about some thing we should not testify about lies... we really just wanted to take the Book of Mormon back and leave right then but we stayed and Hna Chavez talked with him more.. the contention was strong in the air as we ended the lesson... asking him if he wanted ot keep the Book of Mormon or give it back.. he told us that he wanted to keep it.. that he thought he might be able to learn some thing.. Hna Chavez let me offer the prayer and in it I expressed the testiomny that Hno. Tuñon had not allowed me to express in the lesson... I prayed that he would come to  know that the Book of Mormon was true... that God would open his heart... that he would realize that the message we had to share with him would bring him the peace and was the truth that he was looking for... we left... and have no intention of going back. 

Okay.. on to happier things... things are wonderful between Hna Chavez and I... we still do not know in this moment if we have cambios but we are thinking no... time will tell.. we decided this week that we were friends in the pre existance... if I had to descirbe our companionship in one word I would have to say love... this week Hna Chavez taught me how to briad my hair and I am very grateful for that... I have done it every day and it is a good way to keep me cool when we are out working... 

Okay heres an experience that will make you laugh... well not really.. it was the worst lesson we could have possibly had with a member.. fortunately the investigator we were teaching came ot church but still.. it was bad.. we tuaght about the Book of Mormon and we asked the member how the Book of Mormon had helped her in her life... she told us.. right ther ein front of the investigator.. that she had never read the Book of Mormon.. that she had only just started the day before... we asked her if she had felt a differnce in the 24 hours that she had decided ot read and she said yes... we asked her why she had decided to read The Book of Mormon and she said because he dad told her too... there were worse comments but you get the idea... the investigator was good humored.. thanked us for our visit and promised to come to Church this Sunday.. a commitment I am happy to report.. he kept... anyway that was an experience and Hna Chavez and I were in shock as we walked home after the lesson... 

I am runing out of time so I will just fill you in on two more things... we put a fecha with Hna Crisol.. she is the 19 year old girl with the 3 year old little boy.. I dont know why but she reminds me a lot of Megan personality wise... anyway... we put a fecha with her for the 24th of August and though she did not come to Church yesterday she is very interrested in what we are teaching her and we are determined ot have her in Church this week..

So neither of our fechas came to Church this week but there was someone who did... Familia Walter.. the MA we have been working with this entire cambio... the MA... the father of which didnt want any thing to do with us when we would go to visit.. they came to Church as a family and so we are goin gto try and to talk to them about a baptisimal date for their two boys... though it is not counted as a baptism if I can see them baptized I will feel like what I have done here in this area was all sucessful... I hope to see them on the road to an eternal family within the next weeks.. I wil lkeep you all posted but that was definitely the biggest miracle of th week....

So thats basically the week in a nutshell... I am still anxiously awaiting word on cambios and so you all will have to wait until next week to know.. know that I love you so much and I can feel the support and strength of your prayers.. I am so grateful for all of you.. I am learning more of what it means to be Christ like every day... this cambio I have truly learned what it means to love and to plant seeds... I hope to be around to see the fruits of those seeds but like I have said it is God will and I am only his humbe, inadequete servant. Until next week..

All My Love, 
Hna Wilson                          

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