Monday, May 19, 2014

I Believe In Miracles

Hola Todos!

This has been an interesting week because my companions knee has been worse... to the point that this week we are going to rest every other day and work in between.... so basically Tuesday Thursday and Saturday are going to be working day and WEdnesday Friday and Sunday are going to be resting days... we will see what happens... but I am already almost done with Jesus The Christ and plan to read the other books in the MIssion Library this week.... I plan to learn a lot. 

My poor companion has been really frustrated but its okay... we are still seeing tons of miracles. For example, on Tuesday a ten year old girl told the other missionaries in our branch that she wants to get baptized so we went and visited her and her family yesterday and and will talk with them tomorrow about what date would be better for her baptism.

We also talked with a twelve year old girl a week ago who told us that she wants to get baptized but has been really hard to find her at home. So we are hoping that one of these days this week will be able to find her.

Samuel has kind of gone off the radar... we have called him a lot but he always says that he is working and cannot meet with us so we wil see what happens with him this week.. prayers that we can meet with him... he has only needs one more lesson and the baptisimal interview so we will pray a lot and see what happens.

This was short agai.... sorry... you guys might be interested to know that I went to my first funeral this week. A less active sister died this week that my companion and I were visiting.. she had a condition in which her lungs were expanding and her heart was shrinking... I guess it was very painful and so I am sure it was a relief for her.... the service was beautiful.. the two leaders who spoke at the funeral both emphasized that death is not the end.. but the beginning of our progression... and we understand and find peace in the Plan that God has revealed to us.

Its moments like these in which I just love the Gospel so much. I know thats its true and I love being a missionary. Until next week!

Hna. Wilson

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