Monday, September 8, 2014

Clay In His Hands

Hola a Todos!

I hope this email finds you all well! The titles is based on a song that I have been listening to lately that talks about how we are clay in the Saviors hands and he molds us to make us into beatufiul things that we could never imagine!

This week for us was a roller coaster. I learned a new word... piojo... if you dont know what that means it is lice. Yep.. you guessed it... my companion and I found out that we had lice. When we called the mission nurses to see exactly what we needed to do the firs tthing the lady told me was that I needed to cut my hair... which sent me into tears. I have grown out my hair my whole mission. I was devastated at the thought of having to cut it three weeks berfore I go home.

Anyway.. we ended up not having to cut it but Thursday we had to wash EVERYTHING and I mean every thing.... We did maybe 10 to 12 loads of laundry.,.. it was completely by hand... it was in one of those machines that you have to fill with water that washes it then you rinse it by hand and put it in a spinner thing that helps to dry it... in total it took about 4 hours... then we had to wash our hair and brush it out with a special comb to get all the lice out... it was a long day.

Apart from that I lost my agenda... thankfully when we went back looking for it I found it but for a space of about 30 minutes I was going crazy! I have had a planner since before my mission... I live by them... and in the mission. My agenda is my life. Not to mention it was a gift from a former companion... they decorated it for me to celebrate my last change. I shall send you all a picture momentarily.

It was also a week of service projects. I learned how to peel oranges with a knife so it all comes off in one big peel. I was pretty proud of that. We spent a lot of time cleaning houses. We also got to see pictures from a familys trip to Italy.. which made me rethink where I would like to visit some day. They even went to Marsielle... which is the setting of the Count of Monte Cristo.. which is one of the best stories ever! 

But the biggest story of the week is a guy named Gerald Miranda. He is so amazing! We decided to break into a part of our area that we had not been in yet. Well we were walking and my companion found a key a on the ground and we decided to contact the house that we were in front of to see if it was theres. Anyway... we met a lady named Diosalina Miranda... Geralds mom.. and she told us how elders had come before and taught her... but she is not married. Then she told us about her 17 year old son who lives with her mother and wants to learn English. She gave us the address and we immediately went looking for him. Well we found them. We talked for a little while.. got to know him and invited him to English class. But from there did not think much of it. 

Well he called us like four times to know where he had to meet us for English on Saturday. We did not answer because we  were cleaning out an apartment of some members but he told us he would meet us there and every thing to go to the class. After the class he asked us if he could walk the opposite direction from his house to see where the church was so we were walking with him and I was walking in front with him and my companion was walking behind with some other investigators and he was telling me about his belief in God and all this stuff. Then all of the sudden he says... Hermana I have never been baptized and I said... would you like to be? And he told me that he would. I invited him to read the Book of Mormon... which I gave him in that moment and pray. Then invited him to prepare to be baptized on the 27th and he accepted.  

So we showed him where the church was then the next morning called him at 830 to see if he was coming and he informed us that he was already in the church waiting for us to get there. Which is very unusual for Panama. We got there and during the meeting he got up and bore his testimony! He just said some thing like... I am so happy to be here. This is the first time that i have come. I hope you all accept me. I love my Savior. And then he sat down. My companion and I were just kind of in shock. Then we introduced him to a member and we are doing a family home evening with him tonight in ther home to teach him about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon.. formally. 

After the meetings he was telling me how he wante dot go out and work with us. He told us he could go every day. I said... well we work with OTHER members.. like I had forgotten that he is not baptized... and we agreed to work with him on Wednesday and Friday. I seriously believe though that he is golden. Please remember him in your prayers! That every thing works out great! He talks about how he wants to be a missionary like us. I am just praying tha tit happens. 

Gerald was basically the highlight of our week but we also got a goal from our zone leaders to find 60 new investigators by this coming Sunday.. we have 26 so we are on the right road... anyway.. thats basiclaly all I got for you guys right now... pictures to come! 

Hna. Wilson

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