Monday, September 22, 2014

We Are Seeing White

Hola A Todos!

So a lot of things happened this week so I best just jump right in!

We had a rather interesting week. On Wednesday Satan really did not want us to work. My companions shoulder is so bad that she is under orders to not carry any kind of bag for three weeks. I have been carrying one backpack for the both of us all week. I weighed it, It was between 15 and 20 pounds yesterday. 

Anyway, as I was saying on Wednesday Satan did not want us to work. I fell twice that day and it was excrutiatingly painful. But I have always been kind of hard headed and told my companion that we were not going home because we had scheduled to work with Gerald and another youth that day. Anyway, when we were leaving lunch we walked right up on a family and talked to them. They are married, were attending the Adventist church but stopped and accepted for us to come and teach them. We will go back on Wednesday and hopefully they will accept to be baptized. I fell again that night on the way home but it was not that big a deal because we were just walking ot the house. 

Our zone leaders this week invited us to put five new fechas. I am happy to report that we were able to do it. My goal has always been to leave my areas better than I found them and I plan to continue working hard this week so that Hna. Hanson and her new companion are kept nice and busy.

One of the really special moments of the week was when we went and visited Rueben Saldaño for the second time. He was a contact from the week before and when we were planning the night before I felt deep in my soul that he would accept the baptisimal date. All day on Wenesday I felt it and that was one of the reasons I did not want to go home early. We he did accept the fecha and he always promised us to come to church this coming week. We shall see how he progresses. The good news is he is married and he pays a lot of attention when we teach. his wife not so much. But maybe he is the pioneer of his family.

We also had a conference this week. It was really trunky because I saw a lot of missionaries that I am going home with and that was basically all we talked about. We also did like a scripture chase with Preach My Gospel... I won twice right off the bat and so then my mission president said I had to let other people win... 

Also on Thursday when we were working.. we had gone out early to work and we were trying to contact. It was going horribly. So we decided to stop and pray and we asked heavenly Father to guide and the next house that we contacted after the prayer was a family... a dad a mom and two daughters... the parents are not married but they recieved us and even gave us soup and some thing to drink. They seem interested. Their names are Miguel and Mari... just keep them in your prayers that they will accept more of the message that we will share with them.

Now to update you all about Gerald...

Gerald is as golden as ever.. yesterday he showed up to church in a white shirt, tie... basically he looked like a missionary without his name tag. He also has been reading the Book of Mormon.. he started on Sunday and I believe by now he is halfway through Alma. He plans to finish it before he gets baptized. He also promised us that he is going to every thing in his power to serve a mission. He should get his mission call next October if all goes the way we want it too. That will be a happy day. I will share that wiht you when it happens. He is getting baptized on Saturday at 5. Then the plan is that for my last day here... Sunday... we are going to work with him as a baptized and confirmed member of the church. I could think of no better way to end my mission then working with him.

I feel so blessed. So deeply blessed by the Lord. Some times I dont know weather the tears that come are tears of sadness because I am leaving.. or joy because of all the miracles I have seen and all the blessings I have recieved. When I came to Panama... as the plane touched down on the run way... I felt like I had been here before... like I was coming home... truly... a part of my heart will be staying here. 

That is all for this week. as my mission comes to a close I just hope to make all of you and Heavenly Father proud. 

Lots of Love, 
Hna. Wilson

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