Monday, September 2, 2013

Salvation Depends on the Individual, Exaltation Depends on the Family

Buenas Tardes Todos!

Okay so I am writing late because today is a weird day... we are going to the temple tomorrow and so technically tomorrow is our PDay but we are writing our families today because... I really dont know why.. so I will sned this to you guys and then head to work... well first head to lunch and then to work... but you get the point.. I am excited for the chance to go to the temple... the sessions are in Spanish in case any of you were wondering... bueno... on to what happened this week.. 

It was a week of service projects really... our stake had a health and wellness fair so we spent a lot of time doing that... we also had an actividad de rescate... I have no idea how to say it in English but all the missionaries in the zone came to our area and we had lists of the less active memebers and we had members that went with the missionaries to find the people on the lists... Hna Chavez and I ended up having to split up because we had so many members and that made me a little said but we were able to find a lot of people and it was nice to work with the members so closely... 

Sunday was definitely our day of miracles.. we had an assistencia of 130 people in sacrament meeting with six investigators... Hna Chavez and I had to sit separately with different investigators.. five of the investigators have baptisimal dates.. three for this weekend and two for the 14th.. 

I have to tell you guys how two of the fechas for this weekend came about... their names are Marlen, who is 20 and Gabriella who is 8 almost 9... we were heading to try and contact Fransisco Dixon again when we sat a minute to think if that was what we really wanted to do... out of no where Hna Chavez pulls out the cell phone and calls someone.. by the name of Josephina and asks her if we can come visit her... she lives in the limit of our area.. almost in the area of the elders so it was a good twenty minutes from where we were but we headed out there.. Josephina is a member and her daughter and grandaughter are not... when we got there Marlen, the daughter, met us at the door and basically asked us when she could be baptized.. 

We sat down with them and learned that the other Hnas in our ward had visited them twice which baffled us a little bit but they told us they were frustrated because they had only come one week.. put a baptisimal date and never come back... so we talked to them about the 7th of September... they have already come to church four or five times and so all we have to do is teach them some things that the need to know before their baptism and they are good.. they have a testimony of the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith... I have never met people so prepared for the Gospel... Hemanita Gabriella loves to pray so much... our first lesson with them she offered the opening prayer and when we told her she could choose someone for the closing prayer she chose herself... I am so excited to see them enter the waters of baptisms and make covenants with the Lord... 

The Walter Family also came to Sacarmaent... after the Sacrament but it was the first time we have seen them in the first hour of church ever so it was a big step.. fifteen minutes earliar and they would have been there for the Sacrament.. there are some complications there though.. we are going to work with them a lot this week.. our goal for the baptisms of Alberto and Rafael is the 14th but its possible that Simon might need more time to get things worked out... we will see...

Valentine is doing well.. he came to church this week also but only stayed for the first meeting... Hna Chavez and I are praying a lot to know if he is really ready to be baptized this week or not.. we will visit him tomorrow to walk about the interview and I am sure we wil know then what to do with the help of the Spirit of course...

Another little miracle that we had was to see Hno Jesus at Church with a white shirt and tie... its just so amazing to see the changes he has made in his life.. we are still working with him and he is not quiet ready for the priesthood but we will continue to work with him and I am grateful that God led us to him....

Thats pretty much all for the week... the time is flying way to fast and there are just not enough hours in the day to do every thing that we need to do... cambios are 18 de Sept. and we are dreading it... but I am so grateful that God guided me to one of my eternal friends.. I love her so much and every day I love her more.. I just want to end with my testimony.. I know this work is true.. the title of the email is some thing that a sister said in sacrament meeting this week... there are things that we need to do to return to live with our Heavenly Father but He does not want us to come back alone... I am so grateful for the opportunidy God has given to come to share the Gospel with the people and especially the families here in Panama... there is nothing else I would rather be doing.. I have never felt so happy.. I know with all my heart that this is what God needs me to do right now... I love you all... so so much... I miss you... I pray that you can all see the hand of the Lord in your lives because He is there.. seek Him always.

All My Love, 
Hna Wilson

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