Monday, December 2, 2013

The Light Will Come

Hola Todos!

This is going to be a short email because I cannot really tell you guys what happened this week... lets just say that under orders of President Carmack my companion and I cannot be in the same room together alone for any length of time. I have left my area in Barriada Kuna and am changing areas every days with the different sisters that are in Colon... I have spent Saturday, yesterday and today in Margaritas with Hna. Alvarez from Costa Rica... tomorrow I will return to the area in which I spent four and half months in Polon with Hna. Gomez from Honduras.. Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be in Cativa with Hna. Castillo from Mexico... and Monday and Tuesday leading up to changes will be with Hna. Gonzales from Guatemala in another part of Pilon... this problably does not mean any thing to any of you but the point is I am leaving Colon again and going to a different area... I will have a new companion also... maybe I will get to open an area and train.. I have wanted to train for a while now but I know that every thing happens in the Lords time and that He is working perfectly in our lives..

On another, more happy note... I am trying to overcome my fear of committing people to be baptized. As I said before I have spent the last three days with Hna. Alvarez from Costa Rica... she only has a month in the mission but we spent the day contacting and looking for people.. I suggested that with every contact we bring up baptism from the beginning and just see what happens... the worse thing that can happen is that they will tell us know and that they never want to see us again..

So we ended up talking quiet a few people.. it was interesting because I could feel the spirit telling me... the moment that we extended the invitation to be baptized.. if they would say yes or not... we invited eight people to be baptized that day together and three accepted... unfortunately one of them is not in our area but it was an invigorating experience when we heard them say that they would prepare to be baptized... and every time I practiced new ways to somehow guide the subject of the lessons around to baptism and while some of the people we talked with were really hard and asked a lot of hard questions the few that we found that were receptive and open made it all worth it... I will leave Hna. Alvarezs area feeling like I helped a little and learned a lot in the process...

I dont want anyone to worry about me. I am sad and hurting for what happened this week but I know that it will me gain experience and strengthen my faith. God never gives us any thing we cannot handle and I have to believe that this will all work together for my good... I love you all so much... I am sorry that this is such a short email... the work is moving forward quickly... the Church is true.. of this I know with all my heart... I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior... I know that our trials are opportunities to get to know Him just a little bit better... we claim to be disciples of Jesus Christ and often that means that we too must kneel for a moment in Gethsemane and take a few cross laden steps toward Calvary... I took a sip of that bitter cup this week but the pain is swallowed up in the joy that comes when I think of the blessings that in the Lords time I will see... I know that after this dark night will come the dawn... I know that every thing works together for our good... be strong and carry on. Until next week... I love you all so much.

Con Amor,
Hna. Wilson

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