Monday, December 9, 2013

Only Trust and Be Believing..

Hola Todos!

First a happy birthday to my sweet mother whose birthday is this Wednesday... I love you so much and hope that my package gets to you in time... I sent it a month ago.

Second,,, please everyone... just take a deep breath and know that I am okay. That I am loving my mission... there is no where else in the world I would rather be in this moment then here in Panama sharing the message of the Gospel of jesus Christ.. what a better way to remember our Savior... when I wrote last week I was still very frustrated and honestly in shock with what happened so please... I am okay.. I am happy... and the work goes on. 

I wanted to begin by sharing a quote with all you by Elder Holland that I heard and wrote down... its beautiful and sweet and filled my soul with a peace that I have been looking for in my daily prayer and scripture study... 

God is good, He is our Father and He expects us to pray and trust and be believing and not give up and not panic and not retreat and not jump ship when some thing does not seem to be going right. We stay in... we keep working.. we keep believing... we keep trusting... following that same path... and we will live to fall in His arms, to feel His embrace and hear Him say... I told you it would be okay... I told you it would be alright...

Some times the blessings seem so far away... some times in the moments of darkness it seems hard to see the tiniest specks of light.. but if we look.. and if we wait and if we trust I know from all my experiences that the light does come... it does... God has the tendency to take our hardest trials and turn them into the biggest blessings.. 

For example.. this week was such a big blessing.. I will not say that every day was perfect but it was so wonderful because I had the chance to go to my old area and spend almost the whole week there. 

I stay with Hna. Gomez who is from Honduras... we had the opportunity to see a lot of miracles together but the biggest one was when we went to visit an investigator Thursday night with a member... it was the first time that Hna. Gomez was going to me the... companion I guess is the right word... of her investigator... Enelda is her name. Enelda had told us before that Alberto... her companion.. di not want to marry her because of the age difference and that she could get married later in her life. The hard thing about that is they have two kids together so its not like we can tell her that if she wants to get baptized and he does not want to get married ther eis the option of separating... anyway the point is... I went into the lesson with expectations that he was going to be this hard, proud old guy that did not want any thing to do with us.

When he got there from work we waited while he helped dress his little girl of seven years old and his baby of six months for bed. It was raining like it only rains here in Central America and I said a quiet prayer that God would just give us thirty minutes to talk with him. It was hard because their little boy Alberto was sick with a fever so they were trying their best to calm him. When we started to talk the rain let up enough that we could communicate.. we jumped right into the fact that Hna. Enelda wanted to get baptized and that ifshe wanted to get baptized that had to get married. But I told them that we wanted them to work together for this because through the Gospel of Jesus Christ they could together forever... he was completely receptive... completely.. moreso then Enelda.. he said that they would go to Church on Sunday if they did not go out of town for Mothers Day... he said that he wanted to know more.. that he wanted to be more united with his family... he started reading the pamphlet that we left for him before we left the house.. it was one of those moments where you just know you have found a family that is going to make it to the temple... 

To end this all too perfect lesson the member that acompanied us offered to give a blessing to their baby.. it was a beauitful moment and the spirit was strong.. it was truly inspired that we ran into this member on the way to their house... we were not planning on having anyone go with us..

The other miracle of the week was to see Hno. Valentine... he had this light about him.. one of my teachers in the MTC told me that he had seen the face of God in the face of his investigators and when I saw Hno. Valentine Iunderstood what he meant... the love that I felt for this perso.. this child of God... and difference I saw in him... I knew in that moment that God lives.. that the Church is true.. and the only way back to our Father in Heaven.

I am out of time you guys.. just know that I love you so much... I know this work is His work.. I know that every thing works together for our good. that Goid is in every thing.. I have transfers so next week I will be writing you from a new area with a new companion... pray that all goes well... I love you all so much... Happy Birthday mom... 

Con Amor, 
Hna. Wilson. 

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