Monday, December 30, 2013

A Lesson in Humility

Hola Hola Hola!
I hop everyone had a good Christmas and that you got evry thing you asked Santa Clause for. Here in Puerto it was hot, humid and one of the most intersting Christmas I have ever had. We started it out by taking a family food because they live in really porr circumstances and a member put together like a Christmas dinner for them but realy it was enough food to last them like two weeks I thought. While we were there talking with the family we got a phone call from the elders... we share the branch ith them.. that we needed to go immediately to the house of one of our investigators that is the neighbor of the elders. So we got there as quickly as possible and while I will not go into to much detail she basically told tht her friendt hat was there was possessed with a devil... told some crazy story about how it hapened and asked if we could take her to the hospital. As nicely as we could we told her that we could not.... but we offerend to say a prayer on the house.. she and her friend had already recieved blessings from the elders so there was not much more that could be done... we encouraged them both to talk and think about hapy things but our investigator just would not stop talking about it so I told her we were going to sing a hymn and then we had to go but that they should not keep talking about what had hapened because they were inviting back the bad feelings and bad spirit.... basically our Christmas day ended up revolving aroudn this investigator and her friend... but it is is definitely a Christmas I will not soon forget...
An update on Ocatvio... we went and visited him on Christmas day also... we had left the Book of Mormon to start reading on Staruday and when we went and visited him on Wednesday he was already 2 Nephi 4... which is huge... its like 5 chapters every day and he told us that he was taking his time... when I caled him on Saturday night to invite him to Church he told me that he was in Moroni 5.. or about that... I dont know if he meant Mormon but that is a still huge and even though he has not come to church yet or accepted a baptisimal date in my book he is progressing.... and quickly...
 As for my lesson in humility... at the beginning of the week I have to give a little lesson on humilit in my district meeting and then later in the week Hna. Caldas told me I had to be more humble. To top it off I got a call Saturday night from one of the members of the Bishopric asking if I could give a talk in sacrmaent on being humble... which I ended up not having t give because we ran out of time... so my goal this week is to try really hard to be more humble... any advice from you guys... any things.. good quotes maybe... anyway I am almost out of time... I am sorry this is short but my mind is kind of frazzled so I will email you all next week. Love you all so much. The Church is true. Keep on Keepin on.
All My Love,
Hna. Wilson

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