Monday, January 6, 2014

Feliz Año Nuevo!

Okay its late but Happy New Years every body! I passed it here in Panama sleeping and really it did not feel like New Years at all... without snow or any thing I feel like I wont feel like its the new year for a little while.. apart from writing 2014 whenever I write the date.. its weird to think about but its also been a good time of reflection and looking for ways to improve and change. Plus with only two weeks until transfer and high possibility of getting a new companion I am thinking a lot in how I am going to end this change on a high note. 

We had a really good week here in Puerto Armuellas... six of our fechas fell through but we were albe to put five more and yesterday... two of them came to church which means we actually have progressing investigators! Finally.... things definitely happen in the Lords time thats for sure... Ocatavio Herera... the investigator thats reading the Book of Mormon faster then anyone I have ever seen did not come to church this week but he did accept a baptisimal date... I could have cried when he accepted.... it was such a special moment... the trial is just getting him to church because he has really bad knees so its really painful for him to walk a lot and he lives really far from church. But Hna. Elefia... a sister who is evangelical and believes that every church has authority.. we re taught her the Restuaration and she accepted to be baptized on the 18th and came to church yesterday... she already has attended enough to be baptized this week but she lacks the lessons and the testimony.. pray hard that we see her baptism before my companion leaves!

So I got packages from 1st WArd and the west stake... the cards from the ward made me cry so thanks to everyone who participated in that... 

Anyway thats all for this week... sorry its so short.... I dont have a lot of time left but I love you all so much and will talk to you all next week... the church is true and God is at the head of this work!

Todo mi Amor, 
Hna. Wilson

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