Monday, February 17, 2014

Its A Small World After All

Hola Todos

So I wanted to start out this email with some thing really funny that happened a few weeks and I just forogt to share.. sorry! So we shared the branch here in Puerto with Elders and rigfht now both of the Elders are gringos... my poor companion is the only Latin missionary but I think she enjoys it. Anyway, one of the Elders is Elder Willis... we had talked before and he told me that before his mission he studied at BYU but we did not talk specifically about classes or any thing. The true is.. I felt like I had met him before... like a familiarity.. but I thoughtmaybe I had just seen him campus or some thing.

Anyway, we were at lunch on day... the four of us.. and Hna. Silvera was asking Elder Willis what he had studied before his mission. Hetold her that he had just taken general classes to decide what he liked... like Archaeology... and so I asked him... who was your teacher and he told me short and a weird and I said.. when did you take it... and he got this weird look on his face and all of the sudden hes says... its you! 

And in that way we discovered.. after two months of sharing a branch here in Puerto... that he and I sat together... three days a week.. for an hours... in a class at BYU... and we did not recognize one another... so we laughed for a while about that and now my companion teases me all the time about that.. but anyway... I hope that put a smile on your face.

It was a really difficult week for us in the fact that no one wanted any thing... no one came to church.. except for Hno. Octavior who taught Priesthood and one of our other recent converts. It has been kind of discouraging but I am hoping that htis week we will see the miracles. 

this week I find myself in Volcan with Hna. Chavez.. only for P Day... so that is a blessing.. and its cold... for me.. I think its like 70 degrees... its so nice... 

I just wanted to share a miracle with you guys... so this past Friday.. I had to stay in the house for like three hours because my foot hurt so bad because it was so hot... so we stayed in and I iced my foot and kept it elevated and so when we left in the afternoon I was frustrated because we had stayed in and when we went to our planned lessons everyone rejected us and so we were walking int he street and i saw a family sitting on their porch. My companion was walking way ahaead but I felt super strongly that we should talk to them and so I walked over andstarted talking. Eventually my companion noticed and came back and the woman named Karen let us in. 

We shared the Restoration with her and she told us thatwhile we taught she had felt peace and we testified that it was the spirit witnessing to her that we we were teaching was true. We invited her to be baptized and she said tht she did not want to make the decision still because its a big decision and she wants to be sure but it was one of the sweeter moments I have felt in a long time because I could feel the spirit confirming to me that I did the right thing....

And so it is those little things that keep me going. I have discouraged lately but I am doing my best to pick myself up and keeping working... As Dory would say it.. just keep swimming... so here we are... and we are just going to keep walking and keeping talking to people hoping that someone will let us in.

I love this work. I love this Gospel. I love all the experiences I am having... the good, the hard,and the interesting. I know that God loves us and for that reason I have come here to Panama to share that love with people who are looking for it. I love you all so much and will talk to you next week.

Hna. Wilson

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