Monday, February 3, 2014

A Baptism, A Marriage Proposal, and a Four Hour Walk

Hola todos!

So the title of my email pretty muchs sums up the great week that I had here in Puerto. It is the strangest area I have ever been in but it is also one of my favorites... it is such a rewarding place because everyone told me when I came things like it was a dead area, that I was not going to baptize, and that everyone is crazy. Well the last one might be true but the first two definitely are not.

First we went and visited a Hno. named Eduardo.. he has been a member for twenty some thing years and has been with his wife for fifty.. she is not a member and has only ever listened to elders. She will be around starting the 16th so we are hoping to find her at home and visit her.. maybe she will baptism numero 2 for the sisters her ein Puerto. But his man has such a strong testimony. When he offered the closing prayer basically all he said was.. Heavenly FAther... I just cant thank you enough for your church and for the sisters that came to visit me.. he learned to read and write through sisters in the church and he is one of the most humble and grateful men I have ever met... we are praying for the baptism of his wife Noemis when she comes back from Boquete the 16th...

We had a really high church attendance this week.. well high for Puerto.. it was 55.. which is awesome... we are praying to see 70 in church by the end of the change which means we still hav esome work to do.. but it is so great to the branch growing. We had the privielege of hearing testimoniews from almost all of our recent converts.. it was really special and the President of the Branch was really happy with every thing.

Another miracle in Church was a little girl and her uncle and sister. Family Tomas... they live supedr far away and cant come that often.. but this Sunday they walked to church.. They started walking at six in the morning so that they could arrive to church no later than ten.. they walked for four hours to go to church so I never want to hear from anyone that they dont go to church because its to far.. the 11 lyear olad girl told me that she wants to get baptized but she is worried that she will get baptized and not be able to go to church after... we are going to take a two hour bus ride to go visit them this week.. if they can walk to churcdh we can take a day to visit them..

The last miracle of the week was of course seeing the baptism of Hno. Octavio and swee his confirmation on Sunday. He is so happy. He finished the Book of Mormon the day before his baptism and when he shared his testimony he swaid... in 1966... I thought I had found the Lord.. but now I know... that I really have found Him.. I cried.. it was so special.. and we are going to talk to him this week about the priesthood and every thing.. it really what this is all about.. how great shall be your joy if ye shall bring but one soul unto me.. he is a very special soul... here are some pictures from the baptism...

To end on a funny note.. I curled my hair for the baptism and let my companion do my make up because hse wanted to.. so later when we went and visited a less active we instead found her borther and he asked me if I could marry a Panimian... I told him no and we started to leave.. out of no where he yells.. I want to get baptized.. so of course we went back and he accepted a baptisimal date for the 22 of February... we went back to visit his sister.. who is one of our recent converts that night and taught him about the First Vision. He told us that he knew it was serious and we are going to go visit him again this week with a member. The funnier part happened when we were walking home after the lesson with him and he called us and said.. hermanas.. I have a friend here who wants to get baptize with me... and I said.. great just remember htat in order to get baptized you have to come to church.. we will see you both on Tuesday.. I dont know if its true that his friend wants to get baptized but we will see what happens with that.. at the very least I hope that put a smile on your face today.

Well thats all for now.. I know there are mor ethings tha happened this week but I cannot remember... we are working in a very different way this transfer then I ever have my whole mission.. we almost never street contact.. instead we are hunting the less active and inactive members and teaching their family members.. we are also asking references from everyone.. I am hoping we will begin to see the fruits of our efforts very soon.

I love you all so much.. thisd work is amazing.. I loving it.. I cannot believe ten months have already come and gone.. I know this is the Lords work and that the Church is true... Jesus Christ lives and he loves us... remember to pray always and keep on keepin on.

Love you All!
Hna. Wilson

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