Monday, February 10, 2014

Set, Camera, Lessons!

Hola a Todos!

So this week ws a really good week. We taught 45 lessons which is the most I have taught in a long time. 11 fo those were with members and so we are trying to work harder in that. We have been working wtih a lot of inactive families that have family members who are not members and we are still watiing to see the success that we know will come from that... it is just a little slower because we are working with people who had a testimony once and for some reason have forgotten it.. 

We went with the guy that wants to marry me... he did not come to church this week and told us that his brother in law does not approve of us coming aroudn the house because he is Hindu and it offends him so now we have to look for another way to visit him... but in the lesson after we sang the hymn he was all... Hna. Wilson you sing so beautifully.. I was so uncomfortabe... but the elders were there and so at the very least we were not by ourselves... who realy knows if he will get baptized but I believe that is possible... as always.. he just has to come to church.

I had divisions this week with one of the sisters leaders... Hna. Gonzales from Gautemala... she asked me if I wanted to train next transfer and I told her I would do what God wants me to do so maybe I will stay here in Puerto training... we only have three weeks to wait and see... who really knows... my only desire is that befofe my mission ends I can be with Hna. Chavez again... I know that if it is Gods will it will happen... in the mean time I am trying to lift where I stand as they say and work hard.

One of the funnier moments of the week was when we contacted... by accident... the cousin of the president of the branch.... he is super Catholic... like literally a practicing Catholic and ended up teaching us about how we are the salt of the earth and a light to the world.. we are going back in two weeks and its are turn to teach so that should be an interesting experience.

To end, I contacted a house this week because it was painted the favorite colors of Hna. Chavez and for that we found a family that is really great... they accepted fechas so we will see how they progress this week and hopefully they come to church. 

Sorry that my English is so weird. I am writing people in Spanish in other emails and I am stressed for time so sorry but just know that I love you guys so much and the church is true. Until next week. Pray always. Be obedient. And keep on keepin on. 

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