Monday, March 17, 2014

Inviting a Member to Get Baptized

Hola Todos!

How are we this week? I hope every thing is just excellent and that this email finds you all well and happy and enjoying the cold there in the states... here in panama... more specifially in Puerto.. it is so hot that within five minutes of being outside I am so wet I feel like I have just stepped out of the shower... so here we are... cooking in Puerto but the work is picking up again so that is a good thing. 

We actually had two investigators in church this week so I will go ahead and tel you about them. The first is Aura Concepcion... she is 15 years old and has a 1 year old baby. Her sister is a member and so she kind of already has that support system. She lives with her grandma and she is super receptive to the Gospel. We are hoping to se eher baptism the 29th of March. 

The other investigator that came to church is Susana. Her mom is a member in Arrijan in Panama and her mom asked us to talk wit her. She had gone to church once in Arrijan last year and came to church with us this Sunday. I felt bad because it was a broadcast and she got kind of bored but there is not much we can do about that. We tried introducing her to a girl her same age but neithe rof them we that interstied so we will pray that she comes the next week and likes it more. She also is preparing to be baptized the 29ths so we will pray that it goes well... 

Another investigator that we have that cannot come to church because of work is Midaline. She is 18 years old and has an 8 month old beby. Fortunately for us and her baptisimal date she is separated from the dad and wants nothing to do with him. We went and taught her on Saturday and found her with the lady that watches her baby, Ana is her name. I sat and talked with Ana and her daughter. She taold me that she was Catholic and that they went to church every Sunday. I asked if we could visit and she said no because she works and her kids are in school. So we invited her to stay for the Joseph Smith movie... and Satan works his magic... frist the cable borke for the DVD so Hna. Silver and i decided to run to a members house to ask to use their DVD player. When we got back Midaline told us that the volume on her TV always goes in and out and when we turned on the movie we could not hear any thing so we decided to teach the end of the Plan of Salvation. We had good participation from both of them and then I decided to ask Ana if she would get baptized. She looked at us for a minute and then said... Hermanas I need to say some thing... and we thought... okay... she already got baptized in the Catholic and doesnt think she needs to get baptized again.. then she says... I got baptized in your church over 15 years ago.... and we were both in shock. She told us she was not going to tell us but that she felt she needed to and so we talked for a long time about why she did not go to church and she told us she was going to help Midaline change her turns in her work so that she could go to church. I told Hna. Silvera that I felt like life was a lie.. but at the very least she accepted that we come to visit her and her family because she is the only member. We will see how that goes. 

Finally, to end... we met a family this week that basically told us to leae and never come back. It was because we sat down with her and talked about authority to baptized. Explained the Apostasy and the Restoration and she asked... so you are saying that the Pastor of my church does not have authority... and I tried to explain it nicely with an example but she was not getting it... so my comanion just out of now where says... we know that Christ only established one church when he was on the earth... thus only one church has the authority... while every one else means well there is only one baptism... like it says in the Bible... that has value to God... because it has to be done in His way... not in the way of men... and she was like... I need to pray... and prayed that we would be protected as we left... basically very nicely through us out... but we both left feeling we had said exactly what she needed at the moment and we will probably never gho back but at the very least she knows the truth... so there are no regrets there.

Things are progressing in the work her ein puerto. I am hoping that things will continue to progress... thank you for all your prayers and encouragement... this is all I have fo ryou guys this week... I love you all so much... I know the church is true.... keep on keein on...

Hna. Wilson

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