Monday, March 31, 2014

Hot As Fire To Cold As Ice

Hola Todos! 

Okay so maybe its not as cold as ice here in Volcan but it is cold. I came here on Wednesday by order of my mission president to see if the colder climate would help my ankle and the good news is that yes. My range of motion is a lot better and it does not swell during the day when we are out working... so that is good. Also Hna. Rios wnats to work and so we basically worked ourselves into the ground these past few days which is some thing I have been wanting to do since Hna. Caldas was with me in Puerto. 

Now to tell you some of our experiences this week...

So I am here in Volcan and I think I got a small taste of what it will be like to come home because I showered with hot water for the first time in a year... we also ate lunch with a gringo family that does not speak Spanish and we had tuna fish cassarole... I really felt like I was at home and I did my best to share a spiritual thought but I have discovered that I am not a very good missionary in English. I also had the opportunity and the privilege of translating the Sunday school class becaus ethe first counselor in the Bishopric does not speak Spanish and it was his turn to teach so the whole class I translated for everyone and it was a neat experience... it helped me understand that God has us learn things like our mission language for moe treasons then just to serve in the mission. I was really happy to be able to help and there was only one word that I did not know how to translate.. Hna. Chavez told me that she is proud of me because my Spanish has come a long way from how it was when I with her almost nine months ago... 

Now to let you guys know about some awesome experiences that we had this week... I am not sure where to start so i will start at the beginning. Wednesday night we went with a contact that Hna. Rios and her companion had contacted.... we did not have a lot of time because it was already late and every thing but we turned the conversation to baptism and the spirit was super strong as we testified to him that if he wanted to be happy in this life he needed to be baptism in the right way. He looked at us and said... well I have already been baptized but if God wants me to be baptized again I want to... just like that... it was probably one of the easiest fechas I have put in my entire mission and though he was not able to come to church this week because of problems wiht family we are hoping to have come to some of the sessions of General Convference... 

Another awesome experience that we had was with an older woman named Maria Louisa... she lives alone and is attending an Evangelical church but she is super sweet and gave  us hot chocolate when we showed up Thursday night. We shared with her about the Apostasy and the REstoration and she said some thing like... I have never heard this before... I think it could be true... and she accepted to be baptism if she recieved an answer that it was indeed true. The hard with her is that every time we have gone to visit here there has been some kind of opposition... we are praying that todya when we go she will be there and we will be able to share more the Gospel with her so that she can recieve an answer to her prayers. 

Finally, yesterday when we were walking we were looking for a reference from some members and we were passing a house I felt really strongly that we should contact it.... we started to talk with an older guy that was outside with his two grand daughters and only then did we learn that it was the family we had been looking for. It was a neat experience to recognize that the spirit had prompted me  to do it and because I did we found a family about ten people that we are going to go back and teach this week... 

Now for a funny experience to end. So yesterday Hna. Rios and I had the goal to talk to 11 people because it was what we lacked to reach our goal of contacts this week and I told her that we were not going to enter the house until we reached our goal. So we were heading to our teaching appoitment with Hna. Maria Louisa and we only lacked four people for the 11... and I said some thing like... Ohala that there are other peole there with her so we can meet our goal and so when we got there we started to sing a hymn and all of the sudden two women knock on the door and we çstop. They come in and look at us like... when are you going to leave.. and the spirit was gone so we shared some thing quick about Jesus Christ and left... and Hna. Rios joked with me that it was all my fault that these people showed up because I had wanted to meet our goal of contacts. We kept trying to contact people in the street also but every time we would get close they would go the other direction so finally I just got tired of it and called out to a lady in the street to get her attention and we acted like we were lost, looking for a specific street and she told us and we invited her to church and every thing but I think it was one of the worst contacts ever because I was trying not to laugh. 

Anyway thats all for now. I love you all so much. I know that this work is the work of the Lord and that He is at the head. No unhallowed hand can stop it from progressing. I love my Savior and I love all of you. Praying for you always. 

All My Love, 
Hna. Wilson

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