Monday, April 7, 2014

The Power of Family

Hola Todos!
If you are reading this it is coming from Puerto. Yep I had to go back. From the cold of Volcan to the heat of PUerto Armuellas... it is just a little bit frustrating but here we are and we are moving forward. It is as hot as ever with reports that it should be even hotter this month. My ankle is definitely feeling it and unfortunately there is not much anyone can do about it. I just have to hang in there until the 16th and from there we will see where God sends me because I am 99.9999999% sure that I will have transfers. But until then I must still have work to do here and I feel that its more with my companion then with any aspect o the work here in my area.
On a happier note I loved conference. I think my favorites were President Uchtdorf who talked about the importance of having an attitude of gratitude and Elder Zwick who talked about speaking with words of compassion. They were things that I already know but they spoke to my soul and I had gone to the conference with questions of how I could be a better disicples of jesus Chrsit and a better person and these two messages really struck me. Along with many others but we would be here all day if I talked about which messages touched me and why. I just want you all know that God answers prayers. Espeically through General Conference
So I am going to try to be grateful this week and also speak with words of compassion... I hope that will help me be happier this week and enjoy what is probably my last week in what of the hottest parts of Panama.
On a more spiritual side this past week ended my divisions in Volcan and I wanted to share an expereince that I had with Hna. Rios that is one of the most spiritual I have had in a long time.  It was with the reference of a member who lost her husband almost 18 months ago. She had given us two references and she told us to come by in the afternoon on Tuesday and we would go visit both of them. When we got there on Tuesday and she told us to wait while she brought the first family over. We taught the Concepcion family which is a big family and the only thing lacking is that the couple is not married but that can be changed. Especially because Miguel came to the conference this weekend... according to reports from Hna. Rios. The next reference of the Hna. was a guy named Jose. He stays at home and watches his kids while his wife goes and works. He entred the room and I felt some thing really strong... like.. he is someone really important... and when we started to talk to him he said that he had talked with missionaries before but that he was Catholic and all he had ever done was fight with them. After the prayer and hymn I felt inspired to ask the hermana if she could share with us the experience of her conversion. She talked about eternal families and how that was what got her to want to know more. She talked about the temple and how through the temple she could be with her husband and her children forever. That really touched Jose and almost in tears he told us he had never heard any thing like that before. He asked us if we coudl share what we had shared with him with his wife. He then told us that five years ago he had been diagnosed with skin cancer and it was a really taking its toll on him and he was still fighting it. He said it was difficult for his wife to accept but he wanted us to share this with her so that she could have peace. He accepted a date to be baptized and in his prayer he thanked God for sending us a an answer to his own prayers. The spirit was just so strong and it was one of the more special moments I have had in my entire mission.
Anyway with that experince I just wante dto end my letter.... it was a beautiful weekend be able to listen to conference... I am honestly sad that is so very short but that is okay because now we have timt to go back and study and ponder on the the things that we learned and heard. I just want you all to know that I know my Savior lives and that He loves each and every one of us. The He is a loving, compassionate Redeemer who is always ready to help us in any way that He can. Some times He shows us love by allowing us to pass for difficulties so that we can be made stronger and better. May we become stronger and better through our trials, looking fo opportunities to thank and praise Him. May we always look to Him as our source of light and life.... for thus He is. I love Him. I have come to love Him more than I ever have in the yeaer that I have spent here in Panama. I have come to know a lot of people here. But the relationship I have come to treasure most if the one that I have with a laden with sorrow and acquinted with grief... because I know that its is through His stripes... that I am healed.
I love you all so much. I will talk to you next with hopefully an update on what is happening with transfers. Pray for good things. Maybe I wll go to Volcan with Hna. Rios.
All My Love,
Hna. Wilson

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