Monday, April 21, 2014

The Road To Redemption

Hola Todos!

How are we this fine Monday morning. I hope everyone had a good Easter.. to be honest the only reason I know that its Easter is because everyone sent me emails wishing me a Happy Easter.... here everyone celebrates Easter by listening to loud music or going to the beach which makes an interesting week of trying to find our investigators in their homes to teach them. 

So I did have transfers.... I have told quiete a few of you in personal emails but I am still in the interior of Panama in a place called David. It is super hot and humid which does not help my ankle but its where God wants me so there is not much that I can do about that.... 

My companions name is Hna. De Leon... she is from Gautemala and she will be going home at the end of May which means this is her last transfers. She has been what we call a Z ella for almost her whole mission and this last change she is going to working like a normal missionary. I am grateful though because I have already learned a lot from her and I am excited to be someone who not only has the edesire to work but also knows how to work in a way that we will have baptisms and a lot of miracles.

She is 25 and I think it is a lot the age difference which makes it a little hard for us to find things to talk about but I am praying that we will find common ground. I do not forsee any major problems with her... but this is definteily going to take same getting used too.

So I just wanted to take a minute to share a little about what happened this week. 

On Friday my companion and I were walking and contacting as we went and there was literally no one... and the houses that we contacted the people either did not want to come out and talk to us or did not want us to come back so we were a little discouraged and I suggested that we say a prayer. After the prayer we kept contacting with almost no success and finally we contacted a lady named Lisbeth. We talked to her a little about the Restauration and my companion felt she should gift her a big hymnbook that she had with her. Suddenly she gave the hymnbook Lisbeth after we had sang to her I Need Thee Every Hour.... she was super surprised by the gesture and though she did not want to accept an actual teaching appoitment we are going to try and go back and visit her this week.

After LIsbeth we were walking in the street unsure of where to go but we decided to just keep walking and suddenly a guy came out of his house and called to us. Hermana Hermanas! So we decided to go see what he wanted.. my companion told me that she and her last companion had done a servcice for him but that he had not seemed that interested. We started to talk to him and ended up talking about the Restoration and when we invited him to pray and then be baptized if he recieved an answer that the church was true he said he would do it. 

I told my companion that I liked teaching with her and she also told me that she liked teaching with me so as far as working together we are in good shape. 

We also had another spiritual expereince with another sister named Yaneth... the challenge with her is oging to be her family but she accepted to be baptized the 10th of April and we could see that she felt the spirit.... 

In short every thing is goin gwell... my companion and i need to get used to one another and find things to talk about but I know that its going tobe okay because we both want to work and see baptisms this change.. I joke with her that we are going to see ten baptisms and her personal goal is five.... only time will tell...

Anyway, I love you all so much, I know that this is the Lords work and that He is in every aspect of it. I do not know if you guys remember almost five months ago when I had prolems with one of my companions and President separated us. .well her and I are in the same branch here in David and I can only hope that God is giving us the opportunity to fix things.. up until now things are not super great in that area but there is only time... and a long road to redemption. 

Love you Lots,
Hna. Wilson

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