Monday, April 28, 2014

Al Sembrar Semillas

Hola Todos!

In English wewould say some thing like... to plant seeds.. because that is the work that my companion and I have been caled to do here in our area. I feel like that has been my purpose almost my whole mission.... to prepare the fields for the harvests and not necessarily to harvest.... which is okay.. because I know some day... I will see the fruits of my efforts. 

This has been a realy good week and my companion and I are getting along great... I wanted to start out with kind of a funny experience just to make you guys laugh. On Saturday my companion andI were walking to a teaching appoitment when a car pulled up behind us and an 18 year old girl from Wisconsin climbed out... she asked usif we spoke English... and my companion pointed to me and said that I do.

I realy tried to talk to thi sweet girl... who welearned was a Jehovahs Witness, in Panama as a missionary. She was super sweet andjust asked me questions but it was so hard for me to respond... notthat I did not understand but I had to wrack my brian for what to say. I could literally feeling myself first thinking of my answers in Spanish andthen doing my best to respond in English. My companion said I looked like a Latin whoknows nothingabout English...trying to understand.... my companion laughed at me for a good while and congratulated me.... I am finaly latina. 

With the announcement that I am forgetting my English I wanted to share with you guys a couple neat experiences that I had this week. I discovered another food that I would prefer to never eat again... on Friday a less active member gave us pig ears.... it was not good.... definitely some thing I hope I dont have to repeat...

We also had exchanges this week and I went and workedwith another hermana from Guatemal whose name at the moment I canot remember... but my favorite experience with her was when we were walking and she told me she felt like we should contact two hermanas sitting out on their porch so we wentandstarted to talkto themand we foundout that just two weeks ago one of them had lost their nine month old baby boy to a sudden and fatal illness... we talked about the plan of salvation and how she could see him again. There were tears in her eyes as she asked us to come back again. 

It strengthened my testiony about the importance of a testimony and a knowledge of the plan that God has for us. Walso shared the Plan of Salvation with an 18 year old girl who has lived alone with her dogs and there was some thing very sad. But we testitifed that God loves her and is mindful of her. We left the house with a sweet spirit and Ihope that when we goback this week Nanci can feel the love that the Lord has for her. 

We also were impressed to talk to a guy named Bolivar that we saw raking leaves. When we started to talkto him he told us how he felt like God did not care about him and was silent... that he had not prayed for a long time... we bore testomny we there to tell him that God loves him and that the message that we had to share with him was an answer to his prayes... without ansking for it he gave hisaddress andphone number and we are going to visit him thi week.

Hna. De Leon will be going home in a month but I am usingthi time to learn from her every thing I can.. I feel like a child who has been starving forsolong and now I am learning so me great new ways to work and to plan and feel like there is some empty space inside of me that is being filled and I am grateful that God has always seen fit not togive me what i want... but to give me what I need.. 

I love you all so much. I do not have much more time so I am going to end by saying that I know that the Church is true. i knowthat God loves us. I invite all of you to lok for a way to share the gospel this week and then email me about your experiences. Every member a missionary. 

Hna. Wilson

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