Monday, October 21, 2013

The Love of God in a Mothers Eyes

Hola Todos!

So we are nearing the end of this long but refining trial... I am hoping with all my heart that this is the last week of therapy and that on Saturday I will be hading out to work with my companion.. just in time for cambios.. I will talk with President Carmack today because he told me.. and I quote.. I think it would be best for me to call you and get your views on a number of things before we have transfers.. so the point is... I will probably have transfers... it sounds like.. and I feel.. that he might be thinking about having me train a new sister so we will see what happens with that....

So the title of this email is a very personal spiritual experience that I had.. I was sitting in a metro bus and across that aisle was a young woman with a little baby that was sleeping... I was trying not to make it obvious that I was watching but I watched out of the corner of my eye as she kissed the top of her daughters head numerous times... I was suddenly struck with this unexplainable warmth and I just knew in that moment how much God loves every single one of us... to see the pure love of a mother for her little baby was a testimony to me about how much our Father in Heaven.. a perfect being.. loves us.. no matter our mistakes... we cannot fall far enough that His love cannot reach us...

Speaking of metro buses I forgot to tell you guys about some thing happened last week. We were in a metro bus coming bakc from a therapy seession.. I was sitting up front because its almost impossible for me to stand in those things with my crutches.. anyway.. I was sitting towards the front and my companion was sitting towards that back.. when I got off at our stop I looked around and realized that my companion had not gotten off with me. At that moment Hna. Chavez called me and I admitted to her that I was not sure what to do.. it felt so weird to be completely alone.. I knew where I was but my compnion was in the metro bus still.. probably sleeping.. and I had no idea when she would wake up and if she would be able to find her way back to me... worse is that I had the cell phone and she did not have money to call me if she found a pay phone... basically I just sat down at the bus stop and waited.. called my district leader who told me to wait there and then just waited. A half an hour later my companion shows up and we are fine.. it was just a really funny and strange experience... 

Also.. yesterday we ate with this Mexican family in our ward and they cooked us ceviche which I had neve tried before.. it was intersting.. 

Anyway, thats pretty all I have for you guys this wek.. I have been studying the Bible a lot and I hope to finish it by the end of my mission.. a year is a good amount of time to read it right.. know that you are all in my prayers.. that I love you so much and that I am grateful for your encouragement and your love. I hope that you will remember to rely on the Lord and trust that He has a purpose for every thing. 

All My Love, 
Hna. Wilson

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