Monday, June 16, 2014

Always Worth the Wait...

Hola a Todos!

Alright so this was a really really great week and also a really packed one. I have never felt so exhausted but in a good way. My companion nd I always both fighting off colds and sore throats from getting rained on every day but we are happy to be working so hard. We taught 48 lessons this week and half of them were with members so that we really awesome. We finally had an investigator in church.... sadly it was not someone we are teaching but rather a youth who has come ot church before and he asked us if we could teach him. The sad thing is he left before we could write down his address and phone number but we are going to go hunting for him later this afternooon.

While it was on the best weeks I also had one of the saddest experiences of my mission. We went and visited a sister named Lina.... she was the sister that told us we only had one ooportunity to share a message with her to decide if she wanted to continue studying with us. So we watched the video: Together Forever and when it ended she started crying. She told us that years ago she had lost her husband. to cancer... the father of her daughter and that it had been so hard. She told us that she wanted to belive that it was true. My compnion shared how six years ago she had lost her dad and as she started to cry I also started to cry. The member that was with us also shared her testimony about how we will be with our loved ones again. And cveryone cried as we invited her to let us come back and let the Gospel change her life and her family for the better. But in the end she told us that she did not want us to come back because before she had been studying with the Jehovahs witnesses and every once in a while she went to activities and things like that. I lfet her my Book of Mormon and told her that we would always be passing to see how she ws doing and if ther ewas any thing we could do. I wanted so badly for her to change her mind and tell us that we could keep teaching her but we just shared our testimonies and left. We walked in silence with the member... no one said any thing.... but we have to believe that some day.. she will come ot know the truth.

On the flip side of the coin we found a family this week. The Chavez Family. it was neat because we had been walking for over an hour contacting and we had not found anyone. We were freezing and wet from the rain and honestly my companion and I both just wanted to go home. Our ward mission leader was with us and we were all commenting about how there were no houses... and the houses that we could see all had their doors closed and the lights off.. which meant that no one was home... we kept walking and we saw a guy come out and start playing with a fuse box so we went over and talked to him. He let us come and he called his family... his wife and three kids... the fourth was sleeping... and we talked to them about baptism and they accepted to be baptized the 19ths of July. The have a car which makes transportation easy and they seemed super positive. We are unable to go back and visit them until a week from tomorrow because they work and we have a zone training this Saturday which is the only day they could meet with us this week. But we are going to keep in touch with them and if you guys coud remember them in your prayers that would be wonderful.

I also heard this week that Aura got baptized. I dont know if you guys remember. She was one of my investigators when I was in Puerto Armuellas. I wanted to cry when I heard because I had only felt like I left the area worse than I found it and to know that somemone that I had taught got baptized.... it just helped me to remember that nothing that we do is in vain... 

We also met a Columbian guy yesterday that claims he is a nomad and never stays for more than one place more than a month... I felt that we should give him a book of Mormon and he accpeted like a starving man would accept free bread.... we gave him the phone numbers of missionaries in every part of Panama so that he could stay in touch... I know that he is going to get baptized and God only wanted us to give him this small part of the Gospel... I think he is one of the people that I will not see until after my work here is done but I know he is going to get baptized.. you could see it in his eyes.. that he was ready for the gospel.

Alright... so I guess the church is planning a question and answer thing with David Archuleta to motivate the youth to go on a mission. Its Tuesday the 24th at 530 Utah time.. you guys should watch it.. I do not think we will be able to but I wanted to let you guys know about it so you could watch.

Anyway thats all for now. I love you all so much and I love this work. I know that it is the work of the Lord and that it goes forward bodly, nobly and independently...

Con Amor, 
Hna. Wilson

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