Monday, June 23, 2014

The Sun Will Come Out... Tomorrow!

Hola Todos!

This week was very very interesting... and very very long... I think the best way to explain it is to just give you guys a play by play. A cold virus has overtaken the people of Volcan, members and missionaries alike and so we were only able to work with members one day this week which was Wednesday.

On Tuesday I woke up with a sore throat and a fever and we went to our district meeting contacted poeople in the bus on the way down. When we came back we went to lunch and the member that was going to work with us called and said that she could not. We decided, as it started to rain, that it was better that we went to the house so that I did not get soaked and get more sick.... but at about 4 o clock I felt guilty and we went out.. in the pouring rain... to go visit our investigators.. only to find them not home... and we were soaked to the bone.... so we walked rather dejectedly to the familiy home evening we had planned with members.... 

Wednesday was a good day.... we went out and worked with a member by the name of Hna. Guerrero... she is awesome... she served a mission in the Dominican Republic almost twenty years ago and she still remembers a lot... she shared the first vision with an investigator and testified without us having to cue her which was great... she also suggested that we focus on helping our investigators gain a testimony of the Book of Mormon from the first visit.. or in other words.. we leave Books of Mormon... and we have started doing that and I like it.... its neat because we can really see if the people are going to progress or not...

On Thursday it was almost as bad as Tuesday... it rained like crazy... we got soaked and I was still sick... and the wo members that were going to work with us were also sick but that day we decided to work regardless and it was basically the same old story... no one was home and to top it off my companion wanted to buy a bottle of water and there was no place that was selling water. We ended going home at 730 instead of the planned 830 because it was pouring down rain and all the teaching appoitments had already fallen through.

On Friday I woke up worse and we went to do a service project. My companion also felt horrible and when it decided to rain this time we decided to stay in. On Saturday we got up super early in the morning to go to David for a Multi Zone Conference and while we were there I got a blessing from President Carmack. So on Sunday I woke up fit as a fiddle... finally.. thanks to the blessing... I can testify to that...

Sunday was also our day of miracles... the biggest miracle that we had was when we met an inactive named Jerry... he had left the church when he started doing things with his girlfriend that he should not... he told us that he had been ashamed and embaressed and that he just did not feel like he should go back to church. But the members in the city really supported him and his testimony is still super strong... he looked us in the eyes and told us that he knows the church is true... and that he wants to change and come back so we talked to him about coming to church this coming week and that we are going to come buy and pick him and his girlfriend up... we have high hopes for them... but we just have to help them get married first...

Anyway that was our week... and even though it was a hard long week we saw lots of little miracles and I can testify that the arm of the Lord is still extended here in Panama... I love you all so much and will talk to you next week!

All My love, 
Hna. Wilson

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