Monday, June 9, 2014

Good Numbers, Good Work!

Hola Todos!

Today was a super good week. My comanion and I almost accomplished the standard o excellence of th misión and along with the ther sisters of Volcán we had some of the best numbers in our zone. We found 17 new people to teachand among thm are three of which needs t get married.... things areood... the only hard thing is that no one... and I mean no one... wants to come to church or ge baptized... I think in part its because other religions have such a strong influence... esecially the Jehovas Witnesses and Adventistas (I cant remember the English name!)

Anyway as far as specific miracles are concerned we met a family,Lina and Alejando... they need to get married and at the momento are afraid to because they are afraid that their marriage will just fall apart from what other eople have said so they feel its just better not to make the commitment. She also did not want us to come back but.. not remembering all that I said... we asked for another appoitment... just one more chance to show them that the Gospel will elp their family.. not ruin it. Our chancewill come in the evening on Thursday so if you can pray for us and them that all will go well.

We also taught lesson witha guy namd Mario and a fried that was horibly confued... no his name was no Luigi.... my companion affectionately called him Satan because he would say the strangest, mst negatives things as we taught... like... only bad people to church and... here are better peope out o the church then it...and we cut t lesson short because Mario and I started to laugh... I just couldnt help it... it was so absurd! anyway Mario and his family are on our list of peopl to visit this week and we just pray that his friend is not there...

The last interesting experience of the week was when we went up into the mountains and found ourselves teaching an Adventista couple... we were talking to them for almost three hours... because he had questions about eery ting... and not in an argumentative kind of way... but in a... this is what I know and I want understand what you guys believe so maybe I can kpt to accept kind of way... its hard because he knows a lot about the Bible ad he pulls out scripture after scripture and we did our be to follow the spirit and we we were so exhauted afterwards that we both slept in the bus on the way home.

Anyway... we had a lot moreexperiences but I dont have a lot more time and I want to send you guys some pctures so I am going to wrap this up but know that  love you all and that I have such strong love and teimoy of this work. Its true and God is leading it!

Con Amor,
Hna. Wilson

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